Month: November 2018

Make Up

The paradox of “no makeup” makeup

Sarah Lawrence for Vox Earlier this year, a new trend called the “boy beat” emerged on the online beauty scene. The look, as conceived by Beyoncé’s makeup artist Sir John, is an androgynous approach to makeup, which he described as “not about covering your flaws or creating new ones more …

Global warming increasing death, disease risk: Study

The annual report tracks 41 indicators across five areas: climate change impacts, exposures, and vulnerability; adaptation, planning, and resilience for health; mitigation actions and health co-benefits; finance and economics; and public and political engagement. In 2017, over 157 million vulnerable people over the age of 65 were exposed to heatwaves, …

Shop with us: The summer shoe trends we’re buying into

As you may well have noticed, it is extremely hot outside. The sun is beating down, the thermometer is rising and as a result, the IMAGE offices have descended into a fever-dream-esque stupour this morning. And the subject of those dreams? Shoes, obviously. Statement shoes, comfy shoes, high shoes, low …