5 Reasons Why Rummy Remains the Most Popular Card Game in India

If you do a research on the five popular card games in India, rummy is sure to top the list. Rummy is a unique game that makes use of many different skills and abilities. This is the reason why the game remains extremely popular in different parts of India. Some aspects of the game are unique and everyone enjoys playing this game. Here we have listed out the most common reasons why the game is so popular among rummy players:

It Suits People from Different Stages of Life

If you consider games like chess, it involves a lot of thinking and strategizing. This may not be possible for little kids or senior citizens. When you consider a game of lotto, it is simply a matter of luck and does not require any brainwork. This may not amuse all. This is where Indian rummy is a perfect marriage between brainwork and organising. It is a good way to pass time and suits people in all stages of life from students to retired individuals.

It is Easy to Understand and Grasp

If you are in the mood of playing cards, there is no game that is as easy to teach to a new player as rummy. This is the reason why rummy experts and newbies can try the game equally well. The game brings people together during family get-togethers and gatherings. The game is equally exciting when played with or without cash.

It Teaches Important Life Skills to People

People are always seeking games that teach them something new. Rummy games teach players important life skills. This is one reason why the game is encouraged in most households as a form of entertainment. Here are some of the skills you imbibe when you play rummy with friends and family:

  • Rummy needs good organising skills and hence frequent rummy players are good organisers and planners too
  • Rummy requires the players to be time conscious and finish their moves within the stipulated time
  • Rummy players should have good intuitive skills and probability skills to guess the next move of the opponent based on the moves that are already played
  • Rummy players are also good at accounting since they keep count of the points in their hand and plan their moves accordingly

The Number of Players for This Game is Flexible

When you plan a game for social gatherings, it needs to be flexible. Rummy allows 2-6 players for a round of the game. This makes it possible to accommodate more players in a single round by managing the permutations accordingly.

Other card games like Bridge and Poker have a fixed number of players for a round. This is not always desirable during social gatherings.

There are Many Variations of this Game to Choose From

If you are looking for a card game with many unique variations, rummy surely tops the list. There are many distinct variations of rummy game. The most common variation played is the 13 cards rummy game. Apart from this, there is 10 cards and 21 cards variations. You can also play rummy in a single round as points rummy or in many rounds as deals rummy or pool rummy. The many distinctive styles in which rummy is played in different parts of India makes it all the more exciting for the players.

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