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Gucci Westman’s Makeup Line Fast-Tracks a Flawless Glow


Every bride has a certain glow about them, but Gwyneth Paltrow’s wedding day luminosity is #goals! And while we didn’t know (until now!) the exact products the 46-year-old actress and creator of lifestyle brand Goop used on her wedding day, we just got a hint of what they might’ve been.

Gwyneth Paltrow
John Dolan

After much mystery, Paltrow shared details Opens a New Window. — and 48 intimate pictures! — of her nuptials to Brad Falchuk on Goop. And there, in “The Sourcebook,” Stylish spied that makeup was done by celebrity beauty guru Gucci Westman. Now, here’s where it gets interesting. Westman is a major makeup artist who works with Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Anne Hathaway and more, as well as being a highly sought after editorial makeup maven. But she also just launched what may be one of the coolest and most gorgeous new lines we’ve seen of late, and dare we say, totally bridal.

Westman’s line, dubbed Westman Atelier, is unique because it blends anti-inflammatory, good-for-skin ingredients into its formulas, to battle redness instead of just hiding it as well as keep skin dewy and hydrated throughout wear. The textures of both the cream and powder products are velvety-rich, yet somehow impart a truly natural, your-skin-only-better finish. They are, indeed, the potions one would reach for if they, say, wanted a pumped-up preternatural glow (also known as: the look every bride in her right mind is going for.)

As it turns out, Westman did, in fact, use the line on Gwyneth for her big day! Careful examination of the images posted show the makeup pro dusting the bride’s face using a brush from her new line, which will be out November 5 (though available online now Opens a New Window. !) Perhaps she was wielding the brush to apply the Super Loaded Opens a New Window. highlighter she told Us she used on the bride, as well as Baby Cheeks Opens a New Window. in the shade Dou Dou. For a bit of “grown up contouring,” Westman says she also used her Face Trace Opens a New Window. Contour Stick.

Paltrow’s pics are proof that love is in the air and that Gucci Westman’s chic new line will definitely get you glowing and make you look like you’re not even wearing makeup! Check out our favorite products in the line, below: