KMC appeal Kohima citizen to adopt plastic – free lifestyle

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Kohima Municipal Council (KMC) today appealed the citizens of Kohima to adopt a plastic-free lifestyle.

In view of the alarming pollution and hazards caused through wastes, particularly plastics in Kohima, the KMC appealed all citizens of the town, offices and institutions both government and private, organizations, business establishments, hotels, restaurants or any such food business operators etc, to reduce, if not completely stop the use of plastics, styrofoam and all such non-biodegradable items.

With the arrival of the festive season, functions and activities of various kinds are continually on the increase, KMC appealed the citizens of the town to abstain from using one –time use plastics like disposable crockery, be it spoons, forks and plates etc and also bottled mineral water in any function, meetings or congregations.

KMC also appealed that effort be made to use steel plates and cups, forks and spoons or any bio-degradable substitutes in the respective place of work, programme or function. Mineral water bottles be replaced by water dispensers, it stated.

The citizens have also been requested to avoid use of plastic carry bags and instead shop with the cloth bag. “Plastics and thermocol cutleries are the biggest pollutants in Nagaland,” said KMC administrator Kovi Meyase. According to survey conducted in by an NGO in Kohima, it is estimated that of the 4309 registered shops, each shop utilizes an average of 472 plastic carry bags per day.

Citizens have also been requested to avoid throwing plastics or garbage into the streams and at the same time, wards have been reminded to put greater efforts into segregation of their wastes from the household level. “Let us join our hands and our minds to make Kohima clean and green again,” said Meyase.