LG working on a phone with 16 lenses

LG phone with 16 lenses

Smartphone makers are increasingly improving the quality of the cameras in their phones by adding additional lenses at the back. Earlier this week, Samsung launched-Galaxy A9– its first phone with four cameras at the back. And word is that Nokia could top that off by introducing Nokia 9 Pureview that would come with five cameras at the back. But new reports suggests that the rear camera setup is going to get crazier than that as word is the LG is working on a phone that would feature 16 camera lenses at the back.

According to a report by the Dutch site Lets Go Digital, the Korean electronics giant has received a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a “Mobile terminal and control method for the mobile terminal” that would come with a 16-lenses that are arranged in a matrix format at the back of the phone.

The lenses, as the patent revealed, would not only allow the user to click a photography from different perspectives but they would also allow them to select a particular lens for capturing images. Additionally, they would also allow the users to click a single photo from all the lenses, which in turn would enable users to select the best image from the selection. Apart from this, users would also be able to combine several images to form a moving image.

But that’s not the only function that these rear-cameras would serve. The patent has also revealed that users can also cut out a part of a photo captured by one lens to replace in the photo captured by another lens. This method could also be used to combine several parts of different images together.

Apart from this, the rear-camera setup also comes with a flash and a mirror that would allow users to capture self-portraits of themselves. There is also a possibility that the company adds a touchpad on the back of the phone. The back panel also houses a speaker that would work in tandem with the front speaker. As far as the front camera is concerned, it would be used to capture selfies and make video calls.