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Make Up

Local Makeup Brand PYT Is Your New Clean Beauty Obsession

Sephora’s former senior director of customer relationship management, Amy Carr, and her college sorority sister, entrepreneur Mary Schulman, have daughters in the same age range. When their girls showed an interest in makeup, Carr and Schulman started to wonder what was in the eyeshadows, blush, and lipstick their daughters coveted. …
Designer Collection

Francesco Fucci’s New Vision for Theory Is All About Vibes

It’s been almost a year since Francesco Fucci joined Theory as its women’s creative director, but you probably didn’t know that. Theory shoppers likely don’t, either. Fucci’s arrival at the 21-year-old label built on wear-to-work clothes, and the changes he’s implemented since, have been quiet and subtle, reflective of his own thoughtful, …